RocketBlocks Editor

Rewriting the way you write code.


RocketBlocks is a bold project designed to enable anyone to write scripts for Kerbal Operating System

The user is able to create Kerbal OS scripts by dragging "blocks". These blocks can be snapped together like Lego, this greatly reduces the chance of syntax errors.

RocketBlocks is designed provide an interface for people who need more assistance than a text-based language can provide.

The ultimate reason for using Kerbal OS is to make your rocket do something. That has remained as one of the core principles of RocketBlocks - everything should be designed to make something happen.

Making stuff happen - sometimes

While making things happen with dark blue blocks is good, sometimes we want things to happen only if certain conditions occur; this is achieved through Kerbal OS's control flow and is reflected in the Orange blocks of the RocketBlocks editor.

RocketBlocks has a wide range of control flow statements:
If, If-Else, While, Do-Times

Reacting to events

The only constant is change, our code should reflect that. RocketBlocks has support for many situational elements such as: velocity.

This section is set to expand with later releases, giving the sensing elements an ever increasing range.

Complicated conditionals

The difficulty of rocket science shows when trying to create multiple branches depending on conditions. Fortunately, RocketBlocks is able to handle nested conditionals and mathematical operations.

Blocks exist for Boolean operations and there are numerous mathematical operation blocks available with vector support planned for later releases.


When the complicated conditionals get a bit too complicated, it helps to break them down into separate variables. RocketBlocks has full variable support, allow the user to create, update and recall any number of variables of any type.

In the example code we can see the user making a variable set to the orbital velocity needed for a certain orbit and burning until that orbit is achieved.

Making your own blocks

Kerbal OS has wide support for user-defined functions and so does RocketBlocks. The user is able to define functions and call them at any point in their program.

The example here has a function without any parameters, but there is full support for functions with parameters.